Our vision is to make Jesus known in our community.
We are a group of Christians seeking to live out the great commission in our daily lives, whether this is at home, school, university, work or leisure. We are committed to prayer, fellowship, discipleship, evangelism, world mission, social action, worship and church life.

Our Sunday gatherings are open to all ages and in addition we have a variety of groups and activities throughout the week which help to equip us, and connect as a community.

What We Believe

We believe in one God who is Holy and Loving and exists eternally in three persons; Father, son and Holy Spirit.

We believe that God created the universe and created man sinless in His own image, but that man rebelled against God and fell into a state of spiritual death. God initiated salvation by sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to be born of the virgin Mary. Man is reconciled to God and becomes a Christian by God’s grace as he repents of sin and trusts in the sinless life, atoning death and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We confess Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, showing evidence of our salvation by obeying God and serving others.

We believe that the Holy Bible alone is the inspired and revealed Word of God; that it is truthful in all that it affirms and that, rightly interpreted, it is our supreme authority in faith and practice privately and in the church.

Our History

In January 1979 a few people who shared a vision for planting a living and vibrant church in the Bridge of Don gathered together. They had a vision from God to establish a church in what was then their rapidly expanding community. A church that would bear faithful witness to the good news of Jesus. A church that would teach Bible truth. A church that would share the hope of Jesus, the risen Saviour. A church where young and old, singles and couples, the widowed and fatherless, the poor and the wealthy could come together as family in the name of Jesus. That evening, as people gathered in a home, no one knew just what the journey ahead would involve or how God was about to lead them.

But the Holy Spirit was at work, and piece by piece, step by step, brought the vision of God into reality. The vision was prayed over, shared, and others made it their vision too. The God-given vision guided the decisions of the church. Faith in God was met by the faithfulness of God. Even without a building the congregation grew, people came to know Jesus and matured in faith. And then just eight years later, the vision took concrete form as the Church Centre building was built.

Looking back we have so much to thank God for; the faithfulness of past and present church leaders, the example of those who have since gone to be with Jesus, the fellowship of precious brothers and sisters in Christ, the many lives changed and transformed as the Holy Spirit used the church to share the message of new life and forgiveness in and through Jesus, the missions and missionaries supported worldwide, the generations blessed through children’s ministry, and the gift of members to other churches across the North East and further afield.

As the body of Christ, the church can only be birthed in a vision from God and sustained by a vision of God. The vision that the Holy Spirit stirred up in the hearts of those gathered in that home all those years ago to see a faithful and vibrant church in the community of Bridge of Don is the vision of God that has brought us to where we are just now.